West Indies Cricket downfall

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An Overview

Woes of West Indies cricket have brought the once vibrant cricketing nations into a downward spiral. The team consists of players from all islands of the Caribbean and holds a rich cricket history. But, the former world T20 champions have been displaying very dismal performance.

Their recent withdrawal from the Indian tour has further alienated the former cricket giants. The BCCI is livid about the matter. Any legal action they choose to take will only serve to further worsen the cricket woes. It begs the question, where and when did all this start?

Failures of West Indies in Cricket

West indies cricket players
West Indies' players chat during the ICC T20 WC

Several reasons contributed to the collapse of West Indies cricket. These include:

Failure to Adapt – The success of the West Indies was thanks to their six-hitting technique. This method is best suited for small boundaries. West Indies failed to adapt when it came to larger boundary settings leading to numerous losses.

End of the Golden Era – Several stellar performers in West Indies have retired from the game over the years. These include cricketers such as Chris Gayle and Samuel Badree. Player exit is hard to control but transition planning is key in risk management and seamless team continuation. This could have made all the difference for this team

Lack of Investment in Talent – West Indies cricket has failed in seeking out new talents despite others retiring. It has also not emphasized the development and overall improvement of its existing cricketers. This has meant no new talent has been circled whereas the quality of performance keeps declining.

Lacking motivation –Pay dispute wrangles and poor management by CWI. This has caused unrest among the players. It has left them with a lack of inspiration and the will to play competitively in matches.

Future of West Indies in Cricket

West indies cricket team celebrating
West indies cricket team celebrating victory

The landscape of this team keeps declining. While critics attribute this to poor sportsmanship, this may not be completely true. This is also the result of poor leadership by the WI Cricket Board which is weighed by numerous internal disputes. These issues range from corruption allegations to internal wrangles.

West Indies cricket however still has the potential to rise again. New and amazing talent from young cricketers such as Roston Chase and Shai Hope strengthen the team. Success is inevitably in the hands of the new cricket rising stars and Cricket West Indies Board. Only these two parties can bring glory back to this legendary team.

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