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WIPL teams attract 30+ bids

In order to be qualified to submit a proposal for a Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL) team, over 30 businesses have signed the Invitation To Tender (ITT) form. Few of the businesses are new to the world of professional sports leagues. These include corporations such as APL Apollo and Haldiram, a group of businesses that manufacture snacks and sweets, organizations like the Chennai-based Shriram Group, Nilgiri Group, as well as AW Katkuri Group have expressed interest.

It should be noted that not everyone that purchased an ITT would necessarily bid, although the WIPL appears to have motivated Indian corporates. The prudent requirement that an applicant has a Rs 1000 crore net worth in order to bid for a WIPL side is the reason why more have not been taken, and the celebrities have steered away.

Chettinad Cement and JK Cement are two cement corporations that are interested. If they are successful in acquiring teams, they will enlist India Cements (of CSK), as another cement company that also owns a cricket franchise. The Adani Group and Capri Global, who own the Gulf Giants and Sharjah Warriors, respectively, in the ILT20, and other organizations with cricket teams have also purchased the ITT.

All IPL teams already have completed the ITT and are anticipated to compete for the right to purchase a WIPL team at the January 25 auction in Mumbai. The possibility of 2 owners of the Delhi Capitals franchise—the GMR Group and JSW Group—competing separately is an intriguing aspect of the IPL component in the WIPL. The two teams, one of which is known as Delhi Capitals, each entered the ITT independently. ITT’s sale will be finalized in the coming 24 hours. The league’s debut season is probably going to be played exclusively in Mumbai, with preliminary dates of March 4 to 26. The WIPL will permit five international players in the starting XI with the explicit requirement that at least one foreign player is from an Associate nation.

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1 Comment

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